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Island playground

Prince Edward Island may be just the place to fulfill your childhood dreams. Sandy beaches, warm ocean water, lively fun parks and an overall casual atmosphere make up your Island playground. Within just a couple of minutes from Fairways Cottages are more than twenty family attractions and of course our greatest playground – Cavendish Beach. Whether a child or a child at heart, these family attractions offer just the right magical mix of nostalgia and fun, with an ease of access and minimum hassle. An Island family vacation is designed to be as wholesome and uncomplicated as an ice-cream cone on a summer afternoon.

  • Our Seafood Playground

    from $382

  • Cavendish Storybook Cycling & Hiking

    from $119

  • Love at Cavendish Beach

    from $369

  • Vacation The Kids Took Over - 3 Nites/4 Days

    from $789