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Cavendish, Prince Edward Island


“Anne” and Island Culture

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Surrounded by Anne

If you’re anything like Anne, you’re probably very curious. And if you’re curious about Anne, you’ve come to the right place. Three sides of Fairways Cottages is surrounded by the author’s, LM Montgomery Cavendish Home and National Historic Site. Across the road is the Haunted Woods Trail entrance to the National Park, Anne of Green Gables House, Museum and spectacular walking trails. Much of these beautiful areas are protected and are presented as in the 1908 setting of Anne of Green Gables, the novel. If your interest is in our rich Acadian, Celtic or Native Island cultural experiences, Cavendish Beach Prince Edward Island is located in the island’s centre so you are minutes from these areas. We will provide you links and directions to enrich your P.E.I. cultural experiences.

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