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Cavendish, Prince Edward Island


New Business taking Cavendish by- Karma?

Visitors to PEI are raving about the new Yoga Studio, Rte6Yoga, that just opened in Cavendish, PEI. Fairways Cottages took the liberty of sending in a spy- who has returned to ‘spy’ almost everyday since, lol. Raves are well deserved as we dug deeper into the studio and discovered owner Brenda Victers truly works for her passion and love of Yoga, as all proceeds go to the 30 Kids in Belize Charity. More details on that charity will be up by tomorrow. One of our spy’s classes ended quite emotionally, with most if not all participants swearing that it had been the best Karma experience they’d ever had. After only 3 days, our spy is generally more relaxed and less stressed, stating “it is a rejuvinating experience. One of the best I’ve ever had. It’s almost impossible to describe the peace and wonder that can fill the mind, pushing away the days stressful thoughts, while practicing yoga in such an open, clean and safe environment. My mind feels uncluttered, free. It’s awe inspiring.”

A healthy choice and a great cause. What a fantastic way to start (or end!) the day. Visit the website (currently under construction) below for schedules. Closed on Sundays, but walk ins welcome. Pending on your class selection, prices for drop ins range from $5 to $10. All ages are welcome- really!- from 6 to 106! There’s a class for all levels.


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